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Nick Hakim

New York, 27.07.21

Brooklyn musician Nick Hakim takes over the NTS airwaves.


  • Nelson Bandela
    Bad Fur Day
  • Nelson Bandela
    Where’s My Computer
  • Pink Siifu 
  • Pink Siifu 
    run pig run.
  • Jessie Mae Hemphill 
  • My Bloody Valentine 
    Cigarette In Your Bed
  • Chris Weisman 
    You Marvel At Things
  • Prince 
  • Lonnie Youngblood, Jimi Hendrix 
    She's A Fox
  • Onyx Collective 
    Battle Of The Bowery
  • Nelson Bandela
    Beem Beem Beep
  • Funkadelic 
    Can You Get To That
  • Groove Theory
    Hello It’s Me
  • Clark And The Community
    Last Leg
  • Jesse And Forever
    She Says Your Name So Soft
  • Joao Gilberto 
    Rosa Morena
  • Masengo
    Mulatu Astake @ The Heliocentrics
  • Ohio Players 
    Sweet Sticky Thing