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New York, 16.03.16

Catch NODE transmitting through the dead of night. Cyber depth-charge selections ranging from nu-industrial to modern club ergonomics, and the leftest of contemporary rap.


  • Autodespair
    Grime Numbers
  • Maia Urstad 
    Meanwhile, In Shanghai... (berlin)
  • Gavin Bryars, Juan Muñoz 
    Programme Two ("Three Card Trick")
  • Max Neuhaus 
    Radio Net (1977)
  • Radio Drop
  • Ballers Eve
  • Tod Dockstader 
  • Blue Jam
    A Gun And A Gibbon
  • Hildegard Westercamp
    A Walk Through The City
  • Scanner 
    Flaneur Electronique
  • Max Neuhaus
    Public Supply
  • Gregory Whitehead 
    If A Voice Like, Then What?
  • Aki Onda 
    Midnight Radio 1 Or Part A
  • The KLF 
    Rock Radio Into The Nineties And Beyond
  • John Duncan 
    The Garden
  • St.GIGA
    1991/5/19 密やかな森