Node w/ Naang Tani

New York, 20.12.17

Catch NODE transmitting through the dead of night. Cyber depth-charge selections ranging from nu-industrial to modern club ergonomics, and the leftest of contemporary rap.


  • bergsonist
    Conflict In Yemen
  • Wadada Leo Smith, George Lewis, John Zorn
    Screaming Grass
  • Hiele
  • Ramzi
    MWI Intro
  • Miles Davis
    Rated X
  • Ceramic TL + Ipek Gorgun
    The Story Of Our Salvation
  • Martina Lussi
  • Tiruray Ethnic Group
    Kagul (Bamboo Scraper Gong)
  • Valise
    11 MPH
  • Jair-Rohm Parker Wells
    For Peace (Would You Hug A Suicide Bomber?)
  • Ex Continent
  • Naang Tani
    Guest Mix
  • Beatriz Ferreyra
    Demeures Aquatiques
  • Elsa Justel
    La Ilusión Sensible
  • Nick James Scavo, Xander Seren
  • U
    Golden Boy
  • Yink Tani
    Vaisseau Méridien
  • Cemetery Of Splendour
    Royal Dead Princesses (Apichatpong Weerasethakul)
  • Oli XL
  • Tendryl
    Fever Pitch
  • Klein
    Fine Wine
  • Deena Abdelwahed
  • Underground Software
    Swallow Something (Clean Da R****)

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