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91 Forward: Tai Rona


Tai Rona looks back to his 90s influences, playing Downtempo, Techno and Acid


  • Karin Korg
    Fist Eyle (Tai Rona’s Pov)
  • Chemical Brothers
    Asleep From Day
  • The Dust Brothers feat. Art Hodge, Charles Goodan, John King, Michael Simpson 
    What Is Fight Club?
  • Limp Bizkit 
    A Lesson Learned
  • Astral Projection 
    Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen)
  • D Brothers
    Space Monkeys
  • Mftal
  • Missy Elliot
    The Rain (Benedikt Frey Tribute)
  • Dj Krush
    Edje Of Blue (Remix)
  • Israel Bright
    Time Killer
  • Chemical Brothers
    Under The Influence
  • Korn 
    Falling Away From Me (Radio Edit)
  • Prodigy 
  • Eyal Barkan 
    Good Morning Israel (2)
  • Haruomi Hosono 
    Medicine Man
  • Foot & Mouth
    End Song