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Russell E. L. Butler - God Is Change: Revisited - Celebrating Octavia Butler

New York, 22.06.22

With Russell Butler

7 years ago Opal Tapes released my project God Is Change. God Is Change was a collection of 6 tracks that responded to Octavia E. Butler’s books Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents. In this show, I present the release and provide the listener with insight into my technical process, my experiences first encountering Butler’s work, why I decided to respond to the work, and how these elements sit now. The show will be comprised of excerpts from each track in their original order, along with the two tracks that were not included in the initial release.

This broadcast also aims to raise funds for two projects: Birthing Project USA, an African American maternal and child health program which operates internationally, as well as Clockshop, a California based arts and culture organization that seeks to generate social change through the transformation of public space.

Image Credit: Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr.

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