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Drifting in the Backseat w/ Cellophane Streets

Houston, 20.08.23

Where hidden treasures rest and ancient mysteries lurk. An exploration of those elder dream lands behind every backseat.

An Ambient Dungeon Synth Ode to backseat dwellers and passenger princesses everywhere.

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  • 0:00:16
    Dark Sanctuary
    Profondeur De L'ame
  • 0:01:43
  • 0:02:55
  • Old Sorcery 
    Vaikerruksen Portti
  • Neverlur 
    Op Under Fjeldet Toner En Lur
  • Malfet 
    The Shadows' Dance On Cavern Walls
  • Dylan Henner 
    With Her First Ever Steps She Walked To Me And She Was So Happy
  • Rune Realms
    Mossy Ruins
  • Hipzen
  • Moondog 
    Elf Dance
  • Paths Of The Eternal 
    Abandoned Cathedral
  • Darksol 
    Dance Of Ancient Winds
  • Uruk-Hai 
    Deep Dark Forests
  • Nortt 
  • Blut Aus Nord
  • Monastery
    Part I: A Violent Vigil
  • Rune Realms
    Call of the Glow Wisp
  • Angel Rada 
    Arriving To Davida
  • Elyvilon 
    Noonday Feast Of The Jolly Friar
  • Rezzett 
    Yunus In Ekstasi
  • Lagon
    Blood Passage
  • Hexpartner
    They Stole The Right One From Me
  • The Transient Creep Of Olivine
    First Light Of The First Day
  • Hole Dweller 
    Morning Rain By The Overhill Yards, A Harvest Of Wet Lumber
  • Akira Rabelais 
    And The Permanence Of Smoke Or Stars