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Road trippin through pink horizons w/ pink.wav

Athens, 09.08.23

I started working on a draft of this mix a while ago out of a desire to find solace and to comfort my spirit. Throughout this sonic expedition, I pondered love, music, and the path that led me to where I am today as a person, as well as the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. Even though most of this music is relatively new to me, a lot of it sounds like an ode to the music and the places that defined me throughout the years but recontextualized, balancing the club/rave influences with my softer sides. It’s an effort in embracing diverse emotions, exploring femininity and what it means to me through liquid and dynamic sounds that reflect the ebb and flow of water (mediterranean water in particular). This mix ended up being a very personal journey but I hope listeners get to resonate with it in their own way.

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  • 0:00:10
    James K 
  • 0:02:32
    Washed Away
  • --:--
    Loraine James
    This Night Is About Dancing Shapes-
  • Mia Carucci
    Pomba Gira
  • Viewer 
    El Barrio
  • Meemo Comma 
  • Otik 
    Crystal Clear
  • Fauzia feat. Kelela 
    When It's All Over [with Kelela]
    Atmosphere Without Detail
  • Lila Tirando La Violeta
    Flores Del Mal (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
  • Surusinghe 
  • Sea Sisters
    Peaches The Wale
  • MoMA READY feat. Mina Thomas, Yunie Mojica 
    Simple As A Song
  • Tibia 
  • 박혜진 Park Hye Jin 
    How Come
  • dj girl 
    Detroit By Morning
  • Blu:Sh
    Crystal Tears [Uwu Forthcoming]
  • Detroit's Filthiest 
    Object Of Affection
  • Maara 
    Oh I Remember