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Vanishing point w/ Stereo master

London, 28.08.23

This mix is dedicated to a holiday I spent in LA visiting family. While there, I was able to rent a Mustang, and I spent two sunny weeks rolling around LA listening to cool music and taking in the amazing sites. A lot of the tracks in this mix were played then, and I've also included some James Bond theme songs, as they have produced some iconic cars that I dream of driving. The title of this mix is also a reference to the classic car movie "Vanishing Point," in which the title character drives to California in a 71' Dodge Challenger (drool!).

This mix is split into two halves, one for those times when driving in the day whilst playing absolute belters to sing along too. And the other half is for those summer evening sunsets that set the mood for a warm evening drive.

“There’s a point at 7,000 RPM where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless. It just disappears. All that’s left, a body moving through space and time.” – Carroll Shelby (Ford v Ferrari)

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  • 0:00:30
    Driving My Car
  • 0:03:50
    Book Of Love (Ted Ottaviano mix) 
    Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) (I Dream Of Jeanne Mix)
  • --:--
    Mandala Claytania
  • Boy Harsher 
    Machina (feat. Ms. Boan - Mariana Saldana)
  • Company B 
    Fascinated (Original Mix)
  • Prince 
    Little Red Corvette
  • Desireless 
    Voyage Voyage
  • Duran Duran 
    A View To A Kill
  • a-ha 
    The Living Daylights
  • Shakti 
    Forbidden Dreams
  • Primal Scream
    Shouting Together (Andy Buchan Tears For Fears Edit)
  • Borghesia 
    More Resistance
  • Stock Aitken Waterman
    Roadblock (Rare Groove Mix)
  • Erasure (Joseph Watt mix) 
    Push Me Shove Me (Tacos Mix)
  • Erasure (Holger Hiller mix) 
    Heavenly Action (Holger Hiller Remix)
  • Wang Chung 
    To Live And Die In L.A.
  • The Human League