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Onotesla w/ Michael Holland & Paddy

Manchester, 28.01.17

With Michael Holland

Onotesla (Ono-Tesla tapes) is a Rīga based program that was originally started by Michael Holland and Paddy Shine in the Manchester studios but has since developed a nomadic exploratory based structure highlighting experimental rhythmic based music made mostly by outsiders. 


  • Vitalija Glovackyte
    We Are Por Awile
  • EITR 
    Cicuta = Hemlock
  • Joanne Robertson 
  • Homies
    Escho - 049
  • Menstruation Sisters 
    Lions, Leopards, Tigers And Cheetahs
  • Mark Dicker 
  • Famous Moon King 
    A Touch Of Acidity For A Special Lady
  • Mik Quantius
    Kick A Bit Against The Shit
  • Lightening Glove
  • Peter Zinovieff, Hans Werner Henze 
    Tristan (Long Section)
  • Richard Scott 
    The Art Of Being Broken
  • Das Sombrero
    Motion Up Inclined Plane With Friction
  • Dice Miler
    1928 (Live Reading)
  • Famous Moon King (Dispilio mix) 
    IUD (Dispilio Edit)
  • Negra Branca 
    O Espatelar Do Linho = Spreading Linen
  • Bridgid Mae Power
  • Gnod 
    The World Is Good
  • K. Leimer 
    Assemble And Diffuse
  • Enir Da
    Sky & Colours
  • Stranger Son
    Ice Man Pt 2 (Extended)
  • Dice Miler
    Amaranto (Live Reading)
  • Minimal Bouge
  • Foodman feat. Diskomargaux 
    Mid Summer Night
  • Equipo Humano Uno
    A5 (Letitbe)
  • Epiphany Now 
    Yo Yo Ga Ga
  • dbh 
    New Anthem