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Onotesla w/ Andreas Reihse & Dice Miller (Wanda-Portal)

Manchester, 23.09.17

Onotesla (Ono-Tesla tapes) is a Rīga based program that was originally started by Michael Holland and Paddy Shine in the Manchester studios but has since developed a nomadic exploratory based structure highlighting experimental rhythmic based music made mostly by outsiders. 


  • Fette Sans & Andreas Reihse
    If I Can't Sleep At Night Is It Because I Am Counting The Nights Until [Redacted]
  • Lori Goldston
    Friends, Neighbours
  • Richard Burton Reading John Dunne
    The Good Morrow
  • FITH
    7 Scholars/Fire (Live Recording At Cinema Mele, Calabria)
  • Peter Paul Zahl
    Hinter Der Dunklen Seite Des Mondes
  • Detlef Weinrich
    Corridor Plateau Gang Vier
  • Mark Fisher And Justin Barton
  • Asa
    Chang & Junray - Hana
  • Kai Althoff: Fanal
    Sag Es Ruhig
  • Max Goldt 
    Wunschkonzert Am Hohensamstag (3)
  • Bauhaus 
    Bela Lugosi's Dead
  • Enir Da 
  • Philip Glass, David Bowie, Brian Eno 
  • Yoko Ono, The Plastic Ono Band, Elephants Memory 
    Song For John
  • Yr Lovely Dead Moon
    Out Of Body
  • Meredith Monk 
  • Kate Bush 
    Stranded At The Moonbase
  • Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Rashad Becker 
    Play:Display (Part 1)
  • Pony Ft. A. Reihse
  • Donna Summer 
    Mac Arthur Park Suite (12" Single)
  • Chapeau Claudette 
    Pass Auf
  • Daphne Oram 
    Ardwick High School No. 3
  • Minty 
  • Rita Ackermann 
    When Sunny Expands
  • Epiphany Now
  • Richard Harris 
    I, In The Membership Of My Days
  • group A 
  • Franz Mon 
    Ich Bin Der Ich Bin Die
  • Jeanne Moreau 
    India Song
  • Natalie Beridze 
    Museum On Your Back
  • Jean Marais 
    La Dame Blanche De Noël
  • Karl Holmqvist
    Reads Old News
  • Anika 
    Trip To Winkler ( Sunday 4.30 AM Mix)
  • Yeah You 
  • Sonja Vom Brocke & Periode
    Omen O Name
  • Kreidler Ft. Violetta
  • Pony Ft. A. Reihse
  • Dalia Neis Feat. Khaled Barakeh
    Spinoza’s Vision