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Open Hand Real Flames - The Voice of Energy

London, 12.06.19

With Bass Clef

The Voice Of Energy

a Voder, Vocoder and Talkbox special


  • Craig Anderton
    How To Use A Vocoder
  • Kraftwerk 
    Die Stimme Der Energie
  • Cylons
    Scan For Identification
  • Jonzun Crew 
    Ground Control
  • Laurie Anderson
    The First Time I Heard A Vocoder
  • Caldara 
    Make Me Carry The Death Of Christ "Fac Ut Portem Christi Mortem"
  • Stevie Wonder
    Close To You (Live On David Frost)
  • Roger Troutman
    Interviewed On Video Soul
  • Henry Blair, Ray Turner 
    Sparky's Magic Piano
  • Bruce Haack 
    Electric To Me Turn
  • Pepe Goes To Cuba 
    Reflections Of Sunshine
  • Herbie Hancock 
  • Helen Harper
    Performs The Voder
  • Whodini 
    Rap Machine (Acapella)
  • Trans Volta 
    Disco Computer
  • Key-Matic 
    Breakin' In Space (Instrumental)
  • J Dilla feat. Common 
  • Bruce Haack 
    Noonday Sun
  • Bass Clef
    Pouring Water Into The Sky
  • Aïsha Devi 
    Aurat (Tool)
  • Zapp 
    I Only Have Eyes For You
  • Kraftwerk 
    Die Mensch-Maschine
  • Villalobos 
    Easy Lee
  • Pete Drake 
  • Bass Clef
    Om Mani Padme Hum