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Glasgow, 18.05.21

With Optimo

Optimo is JG Wilkes & JD Twitch; record label, and longstanding Glaswegian party. You can expect a lot from their new monthly slot, sure to dig up some obscurities from post-punk, new wave, EBM, house and techno. Bags of unreleased stuff, too.


  • Bobby Lee 
    Four Skies Above
  • Black Merlin
    Scape One (Artificial Dance)
  • DJ F16 Falcon
    1Tension (Association Fatale)
  • Tapes 
    Silence Please (Part 3)
  • Mkwaju Ensemble 
  • John Hassell
    Tribal Secret
  • MKS
    Musical Keyboard System
  • Om Unit 
    Celestial Envoy
  • Mafia & Fluxy
    Long, Long Dub
  • Black Roots Players 
    Up Tempo
  • Si Begg (Mathias Schaffhäuser mix) 
    Jordan Phone Call (Mathias Schaffhauser Remix)
  • Michael Paul 
    Reggae Music (Instrumental)
  • Pete Seeger 
    Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  • Walter Wilkes
    Atom 170
  • African Head Charge 
    Dervish Dub
  • The Shamen 
    Possible Worlds (Imaginary)
  • Andre "Phenix" Estrada
  • Martin Bond (Seofon mix) 
    Essence (Aqueous Mix By Seofon)
  • Psychotropic 
  • Hermetics
    High Strangeness
  • Quartz 
  • Naum Gabo 
    Red Cones
  • Brainstorm 
    Help Me To Believe
  • The Mackenzie (Marino Stephano mix) 
    Higher In The Sky (Trance Mix)
  • Open Mind 
    Body Force
  • Odori 
    Movements 1-4
  • Peyote 
    I Will Fight No More Forever
  • Fallout 
    The Morning After (Sunrise Mix)
  • Open Spaces 
    Sunrise Paradise Garage
  • Rudolf Abramov
    Cold Feet