Live now

Organ tapes w break with me x texture mag

London, 15.01.24

With Organ Tapes

Organ Tapes and friends play disparate music plied and wrenched together with religious fervour. Sound of E5 上海 monthly on a Monday.


  • 0:00:10
    Thank Allah
  • 0:03:34
    Anna Domino 
    Perfect Day (No, He Says)
  • 0:07:40
    Iration Steppas 
    Scud Missile (Not Glorifying War Mix)
  • Benny Wise
    Frank Crystallmessssssss
  • Sirius
  • Built To Spill 
    Distopian Dream Girl
  • AyooLii
    All My Life
  • ptite soeur 
    nepas cliquer
  • Monopoly Child Star Searchers 
    Wind's Emotive Inner Key
  • Maria Minerva 
    Pirate's Tale
  • Pet Grotesque
    Pingin' Alone
  • Död Mark 
    Öga 4 Öga
  • Loukeman
    Nice To Hear Your Voice Again
  • Chuquimamani, Condori & Joshua Chuquimia Crampton
    Q'iwanakaxa/Q'iwsanakaxa Utjxiwa
  • Suicide
    Ghost Rider (Zurita Cumbia Mix)
  • Blastah
    Tarraxo Unfull (Dj Lilocox X Detente)
  • Pist•on 
    I Am No One
  • Red House Painters 
    Mistress (Remix)
  • Bad Sip
    Family Tree
  • Pazeamor
    In The Desert