Paradise Bangkok w/ Dave De Rose

London, 12.11.19

Chris Menist’s Paradise Bangkok label hits the NTS airwaves for a rundown of the best folk music from Africa, Indonesia and more. Reggae and Jazz rub shoulders with Gamalan as Menist uncovers classics; folk music without borders.


  • George Russell
    Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature (Part I)
  • Milt Ward
    Virgo Paths
  • Randy Weston
    Ganawa (Blue Moses)
  • Armand Lemal
  • A. K. Salim
    Ngomba Ya Tempo (Elephant Dance)
  • Sahib Shihab, The Danish Radio Jazz Group
    Mai Ding
  • Gil Mellé
    Blue Quasar
  • Dave De Rose
    Noble/Nicholls/De Rose pt.1 (Live at Kansas Smithy's)
  • Agile Experiments
    Siotas/Angelopoulos/De Rose Pt2
  • Agile Experiments
    Unreleased (Athens)
  • Agile Experiments
    Unreleased (London Sides C & D)
  • Agile Experiments
    Goller/Crowly/De Rose Jazzherstory (Unreleased)
  • Agile Experiments
    Challenger/Somervell/De Rose (Unreleased)
  • Dave De Rose
    Edwards/Nicholls/De Rose pt.6
  • Agile Experiments
    Nicholls/Vanden Bossche/De Rose (Unreleased)

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