Party Socks w/ Minus Kendal & Rosie Ama

London, 09.12.18

Part of London's ReviveHer crew, Minus Kendal digs deep playing everything from disco, boogie, gospel, psych and more on a monthly basis with guests.


  • Igor Len
  • Attrition
  • Bourbonese Qualk
    Virgin Ears, Virgin Eyes
  • 1. Futurologischer Congress Berlin
    Stoned Im Dschungel
  • Andy Rantzen
    Will I Dream
  • Andy Blake, Timothy J. Fairplay ( Jamie Paton mix )
    B-Ultras (Jamie Paton Remix)
  • Posthuman
    Polywater Acid
  • Passarani
    Drumy Dream
  • Deathcount In Silicone Valley
    Red Eye
  • DJ Ungel
    Diffused Engines
  • Mr. Incognito
  • Theus Mago
    Inertials (In-Igo Vontier Remix)
  • Franz & Shape Vs N.O.I.A
    The Main Who Paid Before
  • Colm III
    You Can Take Me High
  • Weird Weather
    Leather Chair
  • Memphis
  • 33.10.3402
    NE Decline A (121 Roland MC 303)
  • Ramadanman, Appleblim
    Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit)
  • Justin Cudmore
    Twisted Love
  • Type-303
  • Barker
    Look How Hard I've Tried
  • Ekko
    Northern Lights
  • Cody Lyric
    Fig Leaf
  • 212
    Rock Scramble
  • Roll Deep
    When I'm 'Ere
  • Hec-Tor Oaks
  • FAR Electronics
    Inner Language
  • Stereotype
    Trigger Culture
  • The Soft Pink Truth
    Do They Owe Us A Living?
  • BLD
    From Shelter To Shelter
  • No Moon
    Mallet Fury
  • SDX ( 138 mix )
    MS 04 (138 Remix)
  • Jensen Inteceptor
  • Luke Eargoggle
    Akupunktu Hours
  • The Dexorcist
    Dark Times (Attack Position Mix)
  • Ramadanman
  • The Byte Stripes
    Draw Step
  • Minus Kendal & Jonas Haslam
    The Vast Oceans Of My Fucking Mind

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