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Perfect Sound Forever

London, 02.08.20

Enter the reveries of Perfect Sound Forever - a two-hour excursion through the various strains of psych, dream-pop and all kinds of ambience; from film soundtracks through to old cassettes… Deep music primed for late night listening.


  • Elodie 
    En Dehors De Toi
  • Loris S. Sarid
    Orizzontale Verticale
  • Nando Carneiro 
  • Lion Merry
  • Javier Segura 
    Melodía en Re
  • Entourage 
    Tarbox Poltergeist (Alternate Take)
  • Bob Desper 
    Darkness Is Like A Shadow
  • Randy Rogers 
    Why Is It Always The Same
  • Mij 
    Two Stars
  • Jan And Dean 
    Like A Summer Rain
  • Earl Backus
    Haunted Guitar
  • Brother Ah
    Spirits In The Night
  • Archie Shepp
    Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen
  • Félicia Atkinson 
    Hope Alarm
  • Jonnine
    I Feel Like I'm In A Film
  • Crescent 
  • Alan Purvey 
    Chased By Shadows
  • The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa
  • Mj Guider
    FM Secure
  • Northern Picture Library 
  • Vanishing Twin
    Magician's Success
  • The Groovy Little Numbers 
    You Make My Head Explode
  • Dolly Mixture 
    Our Tune
  • The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience 
    I Like Rain
  • Cindy And The Barbi Dolls 
    In Silence
  • Интурист
    О чем ты мне говорил вчера
  • Suburban Lawns 
    My Boyfriend
  • The Clean 
    Getting Older