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Phambinho w/ Jess Fu

London, 14.07.20

Jess Fu is a New Zealand-based music journalist and DJ who has residencies on LA's Dublab and New Zealand's 95bFM. She aims to highlight music of a diverse range of genres created by people from underrepresented communities and backgrounds, showcasing Asian music, she presents the unexpected, eclectic sounds of Asian artists from New Zealand and beyond.


  • おとぼけビ~バ~ 
    ラブ・イズ・ショート!! (Love Is Short)
  • B.B.Bomb, BB彈 
    Bye Bye Baby
  • Melting Pot Massacre 
    Migrant And Refugee Solidarity Song
  • TOOMS 
    Types Of Dicks
  • Ricochet 
    Blue Melody
  • Ichiko Hashimoto 
    Naja Naja
  • Miharu Koshi 
    Scandal Night
  • An Luu
    Les Hommes Sont Tous Les Mêmes (Extended Version)
  • Suthany 
    Le Fond De Mes Coquillages
  • Haedong Seoungguk 
    Keyboard Dosa (BMU442)
  • Pantayo 
    Heto Na
  • Han Han
  • ZAH
    Shenme Gui (Ft. Space Meow Doll, Qing Liberty)
  • Jaeho Hwang 
  • French Concession
    End Of Time (Junus Orca Remix)