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London, 25.05.20

Wherever you are, put down whatever you have in your hand, and tune into an hour of disco, funk, and dance as curated by Bandung’s finest duo Munir and Adita. When you’re done dancing be sure to check out Munir’s other projects Harry Septiandry and Midnight Runners.


  • Baz Luhmann
    Everybody Free To Wear Sunscreen
  • Adam Francis
    Nightclub Contender
  • Ágata 
    Mexe-te Mais Um Pouco
  • Leston Paul 
    Everyday Life
  • Midnight Runners
    Dago 99
  • Christian Schwarz 
    Une Héroïne
  • Romie Singh 
    Cry Freedom (Long)
  • Pressure Zone 
  • Munir
    Munir Edit
  • Munir
    Munir Edit
  • Munir
    Munir Edit
  • Unknown Artist
    Spacer Woman (Cantonese Cover)
  • The RAH Band
    Questions (3rd Degree Remix)
  • Symptoms Of Love 
    Nightwatch (Cassette Mix)