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We R All Egyptians' w/ Jondo

Cologne, 07.02.15

With Garland

Jondo approaches djing with a global perspective on club music’s unconventional niches and pathways. His selections run the gamut from percussion-heavy slow jams up to 140bpm booty bass. Next to his residency at Salon Des Amateurs in Düsseldorf he’s hosting this monthly show for NTS, alone or with guests.


  • Edvard Grham
    Its Hard
  • Attrition (Terry Burrows mix) 
    The Last Refuge
  • Shane English
    Material Progrress
  • Neuntage 
    Flame Tree
  • Unknown
  • Soma Holiday 
    Shake Your Molecules (The Neutron Dance)
  • Ministry Switch
    My Possesssion
  • 141 G 
    What You Gonna Do (Dub)
  • Unknown
  • Informatics 
    Proximity Switch
  • Model 500 
    Vessels In Distress (Prelude)
  • Santos 
    Beat The Knuckles
  • Signal Aout
    Pleasure & Crime
  • Smersh 
    Rhythm Crash
  • Smersh 
    Black On Pink