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Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction w/ Matthew Bourne



I had the idea that playing alone at home might somehow be a truer version of music-making than, say, giving a concert. If piano falls in a converted barn in Yorkshire and no-one’s around to complain, does it make a sound? I mean, obviously, yes, but I phoned up Matthew Bourne to be sure (and while it’s ringing, check out his new (incredible) solo record (if you haven’t), it's called Moog Memory):

“In one sense I would say that my performing on stage is more honest music-making than me at home. At home, I’m more likely to stop, to fob it off and go and make a cup of tea. Maybe that’s honest in a different way. I found while recording the synthesiser album that I suffered from this problem. It was very unfamiliar territory - you have to figure out the different patches, and you feel different things on different days. Trying to capture that sense of spontaneity and impulsivity is quite difficult. So as soon as I found a sound I liked, I just recorded. The trick was to capture something without trying to…”

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