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Kiss Cafe w/ Piper Durabo

New York, 12.09.23

Piper Durabo AKA Maraschino serves up an assortment of hyperdelic jams from her NYC HQ


  • Guy Cuevas 
    Everywhere Is My Home
  • Marianne Faitfull Feat Beck
    Sex With Strangers
  • Inside Out
    It Is So Dizzy
  • Escape From New York 
    Fire In My Heart
  • L.U.P.O. 
    Hell Or Heaven '91
  • NO I-D 
    Love Mecanica (Not Love Game)
  • Brenda And The Beachballs
    Dancing Thru’ The Night
  • New Musik 
  • M
  • Falco 
    No Answer
  • Captain Sensible 
    Glad It's All Over
  • Little Annie 
    I Think Of You
  • Luke (Frontera mix) 
    I Love You (Frontera Dub Mix)