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London, 17.07.17

Noel Watson's Places & Spaces show on NTS Channel 2.


  • The Host 
  • Quarry Hollow 
    The Path Of Tranquility
  • City People 
    A Shrine Of The Times (The Dance Ritual)
  • Rhythm Heritage 
    Three Days Of The Condor
  • IG Culture Feat Bembe Seque
    In Your Mind
  • Zero dB 
    The Chase
  • Coldfeet (Trüby Trio mix) 
    Pussyfoot (Trüby Trio Remix)
  • Theme From Foxy Brown
  • Back 2 Earth
  • Biz Markie 
    Tear Shit Up
  • Guiliano Sorghini 
    Strait Jacket
  • Concrete Puppy 
    The Great Raspberry Rip Off
  • Front
    In Your Face
  • Illingsworth
  • Hugh Whittaker
    No Bias
  • Quelle
    Leaper Bring A Towel
  • J. Rawls feat. Homeskillit 
    Blue #2
  • Declaime feat. Lootpack 
    The Movement
  • Cherie 
    Be Thankful For What You've Got (Raw Mix)
  • Electric Soul
    A New Song
  • The One Away 
    1969 LSD Madness
  • The Jettsons, Jessica Lauren 3 
  • Jay:Z 
    The Story of O.J.