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Posh Isolation w/ CTM & August Rosenbaum

Copenhagen, 10.06.21

With Loke Rahbek, Croatian Amor

Danish label Posh Isolation join us for an hour a month.


  • Sten Haiku
  • August
    Solo Piano Wallner
  • Kindness
    Celeste Voice Over (Celeste Arkiv)
  • Unknown
    Cello Tremolo Runway
  • Cæcilie Vox
    This One Is One/She Came To Be (Celeste Arkiv)
  • Lars Trier
    Guitar (Celeste Arkiv)
  • Unknown
    Fløjte Over Arco Cello Spiral Tema (Celeste Arkiv)
  • Panxing 
    Take Care Time
  • Yoshi Wada 
    Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile
  • Klein
    No More Shubz
  • Mhysa 
    Brand Nu
  • Unknown
    New Crumar Idea April (Celeste Arkiv)
  • Laurie Spiegel 
    Appalachian Grove I
  • Croatian Amor + Scandinavian Star
    Spring Snow ( Jeg Mangler Titel)
  • Jura
    Formality Jerne-Site
  • Unknown
    Piano Spiral (Celeste Arkiv)
  • Unknown
    Cello Spiral Tema M Efx (Celeste Arkiv)
  • Unknown
    Cello Tremolo Runway (Celeste Arkiv)
  • Unknown
    August Piano/Kindness/CTM Chop Pt 2
  • Jeanne Moreau 
    India Song