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Posh Isolation w/ oqbqbo & scandinavian star

Copenhagen, 07.07.22

With Loke Rahbek, Croatian Amor, Oqbqbo, Scandinavian Star

Danish label Posh Isolation join us for an hour a month.


  • Leevisa
    Sori Wa Spirit
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms 
  • Dawn Dx
    I Like Shiny Things
  • James K 
    Ultra Facial!
  • Kareem Ali
    Lesser Speeds
  • Jacques Greene 
  • Flørist 
    Fade II Pink
  • No Moon 
    Highland Spring
  • Nothing 
    In Metal
  • HTRK 
    Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones
  • Nailah Hunter
    Bassin Bleu
  • Heathered Pearls 
    Caveat Emptor
  • DJ Fearful
    Oh Sleeping Sun (Feat. Fatshaudi) (Remix)
  • Adam BFD 
    1St Sight
  • Joy Orbison 
    In Drink
  • Gone Icon
    God Rays Xtra
  • Yaka
    Growing Without Moving
  • 4TUNA
    Puddles Always Trying To Say Something