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Precious Metals w/ EndgamE & Miss Jay

London, 18.08.21

With Endgame

EndgamE’s Precious Metals lines up the latest in the sounds of the underbelly: drill, auto-tune serenades and dancehall. 808 snares rattle like uzis, deep synths sing out like a foghorn through the spray – both grime and hip-hop, tunes for the club and tunes for the car. Lock in.


  • Monker 178
  • Hamvre
    Perdoname Madre
  • Debt Stalker
    False Stiletto
  • Nkc
  • Kilbourne 
    Tinsel Teeth
  • Imaabs
  • Karfox
    Down Down
  • Traviesa
  • Get Face
    Feel It In The Field
  • Kablam 
    For Hildegard
  • Sines
    En Las Nubes
  • Cold
    Hardest Pit In The Liter
  • SHE Spells Doom
    E&Rthly Ple&Sures
  • Too L&Te Productions
    Broke City
  • Dj Pierre
    Time It T&Kes (Zor& Jones Bootleg)
  • Young Luxenberg // Bh&D Bh&Bie
    Hi Bich Remix
  • TSVI
    The Cobr&ʼs D&Nce (Fe&T. Luru)
  • Juju Juju
    El Futuro Fuer& De Orbit& Ft. H&Rry N&Ch [Snpr Bss & Vrod Be&Tz Remix]
  • Doj& C&T
    Need To Know (DJ FOUZ REMIX)
  • Miss J&Y
  • UNIIQU3 Ft. Dj 809
    Move Y& Body
  • El Plvybxy 
    Tu Y Yo Con Tu Amigue
  • Beyonce
    Form&Tion (Scheele Bootleg)
  • Miss J&Y
    Nev& End
  • Semprey
  • Miss J&Y
  • Antent
    L&St Ch&Nce
  • Kelel&
    Turn To Dust (K&Reem Lotfy Remix)