Live now

Precious Metals w/ EndgamE & estoc

London, 24.01.18

With Endgame

EndgamE’s Precious Metals lines up the latest in the sounds of the underbelly: drill, auto-tune serenades and dancehall. 808 snares rattle like uzis, deep synths sing out like a foghorn through the spray – both grime and hip-hop, tunes for the club and tunes for the car. Lock in.


  • Ssaliva
    Chances Are...
  • Why Be 
    Less Perfect Condition
  • Rabit, House Of Kenzo, Angel-Ho
  • RLX Assassyn
    Dreams Are Hard And Possesion
  • Se Busca
    Fall Down
  • Call Worldfeet
    Satellite Riddim
  • Yon Eta
    The Night Is Our Forever
  • Swan Meat 
  • Xin
  • Shyqa
    Bleeding (Hyph11E Remix)
  • Unknown Artist
    Crying From Hell
  • Nammynamz
  • slowthai 
    Round & Round ノノ
  • Unknown Artist
    Keep Her In The Cage
  • B4MBA
    Dans Le Mood
  • MC Bin Laden (Zutzut mix) 
    Tototo (Zutzut Remix)
  • Metaknight
    Violent (Bulma Remix)
  • Skyshaker Ft. Cardi B And 21 Jump
    Bartier Cu
  • Linkin X Madonna
  • Es Toc
    Guest Mix
  • Endgame
    Skull Riddim (Unleashed Version)
  • Airmax 97 X MHD
    Hounded Molo (Shalt Edit)