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Precious Metals w/ Ptwiggs

London, 27.05.20

With Endgame

EndgamE’s Precious Metals lines up the latest in the sounds of the underbelly: drill, auto-tune serenades and dancehall. 808 snares rattle like uzis, deep synths sing out like a foghorn through the spray – both grime and hip-hop, tunes for the club and tunes for the car. Lock in.


  • Elott Mouses
    Victoria Coach Station
  • Paul Marmota
    Doble Cara
  • Nerro
    Cash App
  • Masicka
  • Intence
    Fire First
  • B4mba
  • Moslem Preist
    Hong Kong Tailor Jack
  • Sneakbo feat. Stickz 
    I Used To
  • Ziúr 
    Are We?
  • Malo2k
    Esto Es Un Perreo De Esos Que Te Vuelven
  • Oliver Twist
    Level 1
  • Gaul Plus 
    Church Of The Motorway
  • Felix Lee
    Crazy Drums
  • Rosella
    Aqui Dentro
  • Zutzut
    Dedo No Cool Remix