Live now

Precious Metals w/ Nightcoregirl

London, 07.09.16

With Endgame

EndgamE’s Precious Metals lines up the latest in the sounds of the underbelly: drill, auto-tune serenades and dancehall. 808 snares rattle like uzis, deep synths sing out like a foghorn through the spray – both grime and hip-hop, tunes for the club and tunes for the car. Lock in.


  • DJ Adrien
    No Cometition
  • Sam Punk, Thilo Markwort, Soundix 
    Public Enemy
  • Dozer 
    The Church Of The Darkside
  • Acylum 
    History Repeats Itself
  • Unknown Artist
    Dark Angel
  • Hardfaction
    Pass Auf (Dizaster Remix)
  • Tom Craft X Sunbeam
    Versus (Club Cut)
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • Luca Antolini 
    Universe Of Harmony
  • Mono-Guru 
  • Punk Buster 
    Acid Braincracker
  • DJ Hyper
  • Sam Punk
    Pill Thril
  • Sam Punk 
    Acid Runnin' Around My Brain
  • B. Spinelli X Brain Man
    Holly Stars
  • Logiktech 
    Mr. Shaker