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Pure Soil

London, 04.09.20

Digging in the dirt for only the grimiest metal, noise, punk & uncleanly sounds.


  • Pyrrhon 
    Abscess Time
  • Evaporated Sores
    Claimed By Inertia
  • Chat Pile 
  • Terminal Nation 
    Orange Bottle Prison
  • Gulch 
    All Fall Down The Well
  • Visceral Mass
    Drowning In Rot
  • Abysmalist 
    Black Lacquer
  • Frozen Soul
    Coven (Mortician)
  • Some Dead Bodies
    Escaping The Confines Of The Crypt
  • Engulfer
    Anonymous Masses Of Charred Flesh
  • Internal Rot 
    Mental Hygiene
  • Gag 
    Still Laughing
  • Pure Odio
    No Es Un Juego
  • Rigorous Institution 
  • Fetishism
    Serpent SoulD
  • Mothra
    Mai-Mal Bastard
  • Umbra 
    Primordial Void
  • Swans