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Queen Kong w/ Inès Elsa Dalal

London, 30.03.18

This month's guest is documentary photographer Inès Elsa Dalal, whose latest work offers an insight into what it's like to be an 'Asian' in contemporary British society, beginning in Birmingham.

Oral history interviews have been recorded to provide contextual captions which are exhibited alongside portraits, which is key to Inès' work of co-authoring portraits in a way which is truly representative of the portrait sitters, rather than being passive, prescriptive or tokenistic.

So far, Inès has been invited to focus on South Asian women in particular, in an effort to counteract the patriarchal nature of Asian society in the hope of dismantling outdated stereotypes. However, she's open to working with men as well as women and there's scope for this project to be national so please contact her directly if you or an organisation you work with would like any more information: