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Questing w/ Zakia

London, 10.04.21

Join the Quest every Saturday morning for spiritual jazz, psychedelic soul and other celestial grooves from across the planet. Image by Libby Anderson


  • Ariel Kalma 
    Salam Paix Peace
  • Ursula Bogner 
    Sonne = Blackbox (1972)
  • Roland P. Young 
    Row Land
  • J D Emmanuel
    J . S Bach's Fugue In G, BWV 577, 'Gigue'
  • Mica Levy
    Blue Shit
  • David Fenech, Klimperei 
    Madrigal For Lola
  • Clan Caimán 
  • Zacht Automat
    For Zappi And Jean
  • Tortoise 
  • Trash Kit 
  • Meridian Brothers
    El Advenimiento Del Castillo Mujer
  • Brigitte Fontaine & Areski
    Cest Normal
  • Teeth Agency 
    The Dummy Run
  • Uffe
    Kill A Sound
  • Yabass Yaba Radics 
    The End Is Nigh
  • New Age Steppers 
    Stormy Weather
  • The Flying Lizards 
    The Window
  • The Slits 
    New Town
  • Línea Vienesa 
    Cangrejos En La Cocina
  • Teeth Agency
    Piano Man Breeds Love
  • Ultramarine 
    Bastard Folk
  • Shake Shake
    Shake Shake
  • Jimi Tenor
    Dub De Pablo
  • Jimi Tenor 
  • Eleventeen Eston 
    Delta Horizon (Wedge)
  • Moises Taiwa Molelekwa
    Siya Modumisa
  • Stereolab 
  • Severed Heads