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The Numero Group - Cuca Records Extravaganza

Chicago, 15.10.20

Chicago-based archival record label, The Numero Group, host a deep-digging once a month show. Expect comprehensive round ups from their crates, picking out the best old music and reissues, as well as some jubilant nerdy record chat.


  • Harvey And The Seven Sounds 
    Glamour Girl
  • Twiliters 
    Restless Love
  • Esquires
    You Don't Care
  • Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds 
    Forever Crying
  • Betty Moorer
    One More Time
  • Earl Hooker 
    End Of The Blues
  • Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds 
    Outcast (Gypsy Girl)
  • Unknown Artist
    Dock Of The Bay
  • Atilla & The Huns
  • Challengers
    It's Love
  • Peaceful Coalition 
    Let's Try And Be One
  • Rob Kirk & The Ward
  • Friends
  • The Henchmen VI 
    Is Love Real?
  • Trodden Path
    In This World I Need Love
  • Best People
    Dreamin In A Sunday Afternoon
  • Gene Ski 
    Six Foot Down
  • Duane & The Drifters
  • Curley Fields
    Frisco Flower Tale
  • Curley Fields 
    Trouble Sweet Trouble
  • Patti Whipp, The Infinite Blue 
    It's Gone
  • Terri Schmidt 
    Closer To Your Heart