Live now

The Numero Group

Chicago, 14.12.16

Chicago-based archival record label, The Numero Group, host a deep-digging once a month show. Expect comprehensive round ups from their crates, picking out the best old music and reissues, as well as some jubilant nerdy record chat.


  • Abraham & His Sons
    I Can’t Do It Without You
  • C.Q.C.'S. 
    Wake Up (You're Sleepin' A Bit Too Late)
  • DPR
  • Larry T
    Bird Gordon - Is It Because Im Black
  • Jean Lee 
    Unwed Mother
  • Willie Griffin, Company 
    I Love You
  • Big T Stigler & LDS
  • Sons Of Darkness 
    Funky Thing
  • Inter
    Circle - The Pusher
  • Harvey & The Phenomenals 
    Soul & Sunshine
  • Jus’ Us
    Just Us Baby
  • Stone Creations 
    Hands On A Golden Key
  • Joyce Williams 
    The First Thing I Do In The Morning
  • Hot Chocolate 
    Good For The Gander
  • Air 
    Twelve O’Clock Satanial
  • Sonaura 
    Song Of Sauron
  • Aeron 
    Flame On