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Radio Jiro - Jaki Liebezeit Special

London, 06.02.17

Focus on Jaki Liebezeit

Radio Jiro is the two hour show of artist Jiro Bevis, every 4 weeks, Monday 2-4pm. The show features a wide variety of sounds from across the globe with previous specials covering themes such as Meditation, Italian, UK punk, Japanese Techno-Pop, Library and French.

Collection: Kosmische Musik


  • Phantom Band 
  • Linear Johnson And The Proto
  • Irmin Schmidt 
    You Make Me Nervous
  • Hold On To Your Dreams Jah Wobble, The Edge, Holger Czukay
    Hold On To Your Dreams
  • Can 
    ... And More
  • Phantom Band 
    For M.
  • History Of A Kiss
    Gabi Delgado
  • Can 
    Animal Waves
  • Phew 
  • The Inner Space, Rosy Rosy 
    Kamera Song
  • Jacky Horn 
    Mr. Psychologist
  • Tri Tra Trullala
    Joachim Witt
  • Holger Czukay 
    The Photo Song
  • Can 
  • Richard Schnider Jr.
    Samba - Trip
  • Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay 
    How Much Are They?
  • Plaza Hotel 
    Bewegliche Ziele
  • Holger Czukay 
    Persian Love
  • Can 
  • Holger Czukay 
    Ode To Perfume = An Das Parfüm