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Rainy Miller: The Progress Check

Manchester, 05.09.20

Prestonian singer songwriter Rainy Miller presents the progress check, a bi-monthly show playing an hour of archived experiments and influences.


  • Alex Currie
    Don’t Sing Guitar_3
  • Jack Bowes
    Preston Station_5
  • Vegyn
    The Promise
  • Jack Bowes
    Stretch Ambience_7
  • Black Haine
    Death In June (DEMO) (Flea Cartwright)
  • Chungking Express OST
    Night Snack
  • Triad God 
    China Town Everyday
  • Jon Brion 
    Phone Call
  • Eartheater
    How To Fight
  • Iceboy Violet
    White In The Violet In The Hotel (RMR)
  • Jack Bowes
  • Fizzler And The Heavytrackers
    The Drop
  • Rainy Miller
    Don’t Sing For Me, I Don’t Want To Be Here (DEMO INSTRU MIX)
  • Dean Blunt + Inga Copeland
  • Roméo Poirier 
  • Devonte Hynes
    Slim Let’s Go
  • Bladee 
    College Boy
  • Hania Rani 
  • Lianne La Havas 
    Weird Fishes
  • Kraftwerk 
  • Flea Cartwright
    Heavy Stems
  • Iceboy Violet
    Domestic Cosy Thugga (Young Thug)
  • Abra Cadabra W/ Kenny Allstar
    Mad About Bars
  • Voldy Moyo
    It Is What It Is (But It Isn’t)
  • Eartheater
    Swan Lake Pt. II
  • Arca 
  • Lucinda Chua 
    Whatever It Takes
  • Rainy Miller
    Really I (Demo)