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Rambo Radio w/ 12manrambo

Oakland, 12.10.23

West Coast Rap tape, cd, and vinyl archives/mixes spanning the mid 80's to early 00's, from San Diego, L.A., Central Valley all the way up to the Bay Area, Sacramento, Northwest and Alaska!

Artwork by: DJ TRIGG


  • Dawg Pak
  • J The Wrenegade
    Domino F/X
  • Funk Productions
    Can't Jump The Funk Intro
  • E-Rat
    Demo Trk
  • G.B.P. 
    Ain't Nothin' Nice
  • Westside Playaz 
    Cuzz & Bloodz
  • Criminal Behavior 
    Dank Break
  • L-Love
    Don't Talk Down On A Playa
  • Dark Titans 
  • Sickpack 
    In The Dark
  • Padlock
    7 Digit Mack
  • Youngtone
    Ain't Doin' Nothin' At All
  • Ncognito 
  • Mac T 
    Don't Hate Me
  • Big Shell Productions 
    I'll Do Years
  • Twon 
    Hoes Gettin' Crazy
  • Fly Da Brohyde
    Hood Theme