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Rambo Radio w/ 12manrambo

Oakland, 16.08.22

West Coast Rap tape, cd, and vinyl archives/mixes spanning the mid 80's to early 00's, from San Diego, L.A., Central Valley all the way up to the Bay Area, Sacramento, Northwest and Alaska!

Artwork by: DJ TRIGG


  • Trunk Boiz
    Weed Skit
  • C-Nasty
  • Msz 2 Much
    We Smokin'
  • T-Mazz
    We Are It
  • NCP feat. Johnny Blaze, Slick-50 
    Light Da Spliff
  • Mista Haze
    Fast Food
  • New Swagg Generation
    My Destiny / The Fame
  • Young 3
    What's Up Wit It
  • L.G. 
    I'm A Beast
  • Daize
    Gimmie Some
  • MVE
    Where's The Bud
  • Big Nigga Down Low
  • King Ju
    Words As Clouds
  • Young Bari & J-Roc
    Ima Go Bad
  • HB & Double R
    Tryna Get Paid
  • Faze 
    I Need Weed
  • Christin Leonna, J-lb 
    On Your Mind
  • Young Nell
    You Got Me...
  • Poppa XO
    Thats Enuff
  • TMD
  • Go Gurlz
    School Anthem
  • Great Gatspy
    Coast 2 Coast