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Rambo Radio w/ 12manrambo & L-WOOD

Oakland, 26.04.22

West Coast Rap tape, cd, and vinyl archives/mixes spanning the mid 80's to early 00's, from San Diego, L.A., Central Valley all the way up to the Bay Area, Sacramento, Northwest and Alaska!

Artwork by: DJ TRIGG


  • Mac Ted (TKO)
    415 / 510
  • MC Ant 
    Young & Ruthless
  • Dangerous Dame 
    One Way Up
  • Oaktown's 3 • 5 • 7 
    Say That Then
  • Too $hort 
    Hard On The Boulevard
  • EBH East Bay Hustlers
    To Live Or Die N Oakland
  • Underground Rebellion 
    Gin & Juice
  • The Govenor Feat. 2pac & Richie Rich
    Gaffled Like That
  • Organized Crime
    Organized Crime
  • Mac Mill feat. Mark Curry 
    Straight Dangler (Remix)
  • Conscious Daughters
    Princess Of Poetry ('91 Demo Version)
  • Filthy Phil 
    Player Haters
  • The Real Untouchables 
    Life Ain't Nothing But Bitches And Money
  • D-Loc 
    Get Loc'd Out
  • S.N.O.P. 
    West Oakland
  • Chilee Powdah & Societiez Creation
    Dank N Drank
  • Morocco Moe 
  • Mack Lew 
    Danger Zone
  • Digital Underground 
    The Danger Zone
  • Seagram 
    2 For 1
  • Crime Syndicate
    Niggas From Oakland