Rare Species w/ John Tiangco

London, 03.09.19

A student and admirer of all forms of music, LA-bred John Tiangco cites the sounds of various public local hip-hop radio as his formative influences. Join him one Monday a month on Rare Species - an hour of music bridging several genres from underground/ indie hip-hop, neo-soul/ RnB, jazz, electronic, rare grooves/samples and psych/alt rock--both old, new and everything in between.


  • George Duke
    Reach For It
  • George Mc Crae
    I Get Lifted
  • Baco Rhythm Steel Band
    8th Wonder
  • The Internet
    Roll (Burbank Funk)
  • Lee Bannon
    Hilary Swank
  • Just Blaze
    Moleskin Conclusion
  • Bob James
  • Mary J. Blige feat. DMX, Nas
  • D’Angelo
    Me And These Dreamy Eyes Of Mine
  • Bush Babee
    Love Song
  • Ghostface
    The Sun
  • Cam'Ron, Nicole Wray
    Do Your Thing (Main)
  • Baby Keem
    France Freestyle
  • YBN Cordae
    Broke As Fuck
  • Cardo / Pierre Bourne
    My Calendar
  • Vegyn
    Get This Thing Right
  • Sporting Life
    Pre-Order The Dope
  • Sam Wilkes
  • Stwo
  • Waikiki
    Punch Drunk Love
  • Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
    Express Yourself

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