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New York, 02.05.20

Slingbaum and his two co-producers on SLINGBAUM ONE, Tariq Khan and Rashad Smith, share favourite works from the release's collaborators.

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  • Ahmad Jamal (Richard Evans mix) 
    Death & Resurrection
  • Ron Carter 
    A Quiet Place
  • Nick Hakim 
    Vincent Tyler
    Circa 45
  • Syd
    Getting Late
  • Clever Austin
    Blue Tongue (Ft. Jon Bap)
  • Bilal 
    West Side Girl
  • eryKahBadu 
    Penitentiary Philosophy
  • D’Angelo
    Devil’s Pie
  • Oumou Sangar
    Yere Faga Natureboy Flako Version (Tony Allen)