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NTS Presents Remote Utopias: Supported by Jameson


REMOTE UTOPIAS - a 24hr radio takeover across two live channels, bringing together musicians, DJs, artists and filmmakers from across the globe for a whirlwind of music of all genres, exclusive premieres, radio and live video streams.

Raising funds for Global Foodbanking Network: DONATE NOW


Sofie Birch 08.07.20 Video
Sofie Birch

A gorgeous, meditative live performance by emerging Danish sound artist and electronic musician Sofie Birch.

Backstage w Miss Jason, Kelsey Lu, Celeste and James Massiah 08.07.20 Video
Backstage w Miss Jason, Kelsey Lu, Celeste and James Massiah

Miss Jason is a devastatingly fabulous personality. 2020’s answer to MTV’s Dance Floor Chart Room, she has her very own interview series: Jason’s Closet. In this series you’ll find Miss Jason pop up in the most unlikely of places, from heavy metal nights to Royal Ascot. NTS are taking Miss Jason ‘backstage’ at Remote Utopias, for a series of video call interviews with Kelsey Lu, James Massiah and Celeste. Hosted by Miss Jason of Jason’s Closet Watch Jason's Closet here:

Bladee & Ecco2k - Rift (live) 07.05.20 Video
Bladee & Ecco2k - Rift (live)

An exclusive live performance from two Drain Gang affiliates. Originally broadcast on Remote Utopias, raising funds for the Global Foodbanking Network. Supported by Jameson.