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NTS Presents Remote Utopias: Supported by Jameson


REMOTE UTOPIAS - a 24hr radio takeover across two live channels, bringing together musicians, DJs, artists and filmmakers from across the globe for a whirlwind of music of all genres, exclusive premieres, radio and live video streams.

Raising funds for Global Foodbanking Network: DONATE NOW


Sofie Birch 08.07.20 Video
Sofie Birch

A gorgeous, meditative live performance by emerging Danish sound artist and electronic musician Sofie Birch.

Backstage w Miss Jason, Kelsey Lu, Celeste and James Massiah 08.07.20 Video
Backstage w Miss Jason, Kelsey Lu, Celeste and James Massiah

Miss Jason is a devastatingly fabulous personality. 2020’s answer to MTV’s Dance Floor Chart Room, she has her very own interview series: Jason’s Closet. In this series you’ll find Miss Jason pop up in the most unlikely of places, from heavy metal nights to Royal Ascot.

Bladee & Ecco2k - Rift (live) 07.05.20 Video
Bladee & Ecco2k - Rift (live)

An exclusive live performance from two Drain Gang affiliates. Originally broadcast on Remote Utopias, raising funds for the Global Foodbanking Network. Supported by Jameson.