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Bradley Zero Presents: Rhythm Section

London, 20.05.20

Rhythm Section Radio was founded in 2009 and moved to NTS in 2012, and has since pulled out the stops breaking new music, promoting independent labels and paying homage to the greatest music from the past, through a perhaps unhealthy obsession with record digging.


  • Paul McCartney 
    Silly Love Songs
  • Miguel Poveda 
    De Buen Aire (Bulerías De Jerez)
  • Tomatito 
    Barrio Negro
  • El Camaron De La Isla, Paco De Lucia 
    Como Castillo De Arena
  • Jon Lucien 
    Lady Love
  • Nathan Micay 
    If The World's Still Here On Monday
  • Klein Zage feat. Joey G 
    I'm Almost Certain That I'm Here
  • Dean Grenier
    Rangeform (Aquarian 100 Edit)
  • Good Block
  • Sleep D
    Grass Bath
  • Benny Sings
    Sunny Afternoon
  • Moonoton 
    Ta Ta Ka Din A Tan
  • Hiatt Db 
    6 O'Clock Rock
  • Dreems
    The Dolphin Communion (Iñigo Vontier 'Mushroom House' Remix)
  • Cygnus 
    The Bodyscan
  • Rings Around Saturn
    Cloud Action
  • Mike Steva 
  • Paula Tape 
    Cuz Cuz
  • Jamie 3:26 
    Sun Sun Sun
  • Hassan Abou Alam
  • Neinzer
  • Stones Taro 
    Muddy Fish
  • Ilana Bryne 
    Exclusive Shit Holds No Weight