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Bradley Zero Presents: Rhythm Section

London, 10.01.15

Rhythm Section Radio was founded in 2009 and moved to NTS in 2012, and has since pulled out the stops breaking new music, promoting independent labels and paying homage to the greatest music from the past, through a perhaps unhealthy obsession with record digging.


  • DJ Mitsu
    The Beats
  • Billy Paul 
    Let The Dollar Circulate
  • Ziad Rahbani 
    Abu Ali
  • Jazz Workshop
    Meazre Israel Yekabtzenu
  • Al Dobson Jr 
    Overseas Lebanese
  • Ptaki
    Fun Ship Sailing
  • RüF Dug 
    Ruffy's Jungle Sensi
  • Al Dobson Jr
    Dance Break
  • Henry Wu
    Dubplate Special (Greaze Edit)
  • Unknown
  • Tuff Sherm & Patch Free
    Pusillanmious (Frak)
  • Baba Stilltz
    Dive (Lauer Remix)
  • Dario Zenker 
  • FYI Chris
  • Hidden Spheres
  • Enchante 
    Pattern 3 (Gunman)
  • Matt Karmil 
    I Freeze
  • Babicka 
    We Don't Need All Night
  • Nicholas Desamory 
    Berlin Blues
  • Prequel
    Black Saints
  • Mariam The Believer (Wolf Müller, Jan Schulte mix) 
    Invisible Giving (Wolf Müller Remix)
  • Joey Anderson 
    Head Down Arms Buddha Position