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Delight Is Right w/ Richard Dawson

Newcastle, 23.05.21

With Richard Dawson

Regular transmissions from Newcastle musician Richard Dawson.


  • Daniel Johnson
    Life In Vain
  • Nagisa Ni Te 
    The New World
  • Shirley & Dolly Collins 
  • Big Thief 
  • Atahualpa Yupanqui 
    La Copla
  • Natania Devrath
    Bailero (By Canteloube)
  • Sonny And Linda Sharrock
  • Zager & Evans 
    In The Year 2525
  • Molly Drake 
    I Remember
  • Gryphon 
    Kemp's Jig
  • Tom Waits
    The World Keep's Turning
  • Richie D And Silky P
    Raven-Haired Warrior Of Love (Gallops Into The World)