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Ruf Dug

London, 17.09.21

With RuF Dug

Ruf Dug brings the leftfield: old video game soundtracks, dusty analogue dreamers and poolside Balearic sounds. No nonsense from the original tropical cyberpunk.


  • Space Afrika 
  • t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 
  • MLO
    Shadows Of Life And Thought
  • Reinhard & Reinhard
    Amber Amplefier
  • Tambores En Benniras
    Camino A Cala Llonga
  • Big Hard Excellent Fish 
    Imperfect List (1)
  • Clemency
    The Crude Foyer
  • 山本邦山, 今井裕 
    a=X, b=X, ∴ a=b
  • Celestial 
    The Perfumed Garden
  • Liam Lynch 
    United States Of Whatever (Original Version)
  • Liluzu
  • Freak Seven
    This Hurting In Me
  • RDL Shellah
    Bad Wine
  • Wilie Graff & Darren Eboli
    Cocktails With Cecil
  • Kit Sebastian 
    Elegy For Love
  • Facehugger, Deviant 
    Late Night (Acid Mix)
  • Ruf Dug X Lovesecene
    Make This Right
  • Code Red 
    In Your Dreams
  • Mafou
  • Dave Aju
    X17 (Viiibe)
  • Depaart
    Julian (Bawrut Remix)