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Ruf Dug

London, 31.07.15

With RuF Dug

Ruf Dug brings the leftfield: old video game soundtracks, dusty analogue dreamers and poolside Balearic sounds. No nonsense from the original tropical cyberpunk.


  • Echo The Dolphin
    Title Screen
  • Jonathan Donn
  • Brad Fuller
    Practice Race
  • Hal Cannon
    Paperboy Theme
  • Hiroshi Miyauchi 
    Splash Wave
  • Nobuo Uematsu
    Thw Higginwind Takes To The Skies
  • Michael Land
    The Cannibal Village
  • Mutato Musika
    Upstream Up The Creek
  • Nobuyoshi Sano 
  • Yuzo Koshiro 
    The Street Of Rage
  • Brother Resistance 
    Rapso Take Over
  • Eric Cosaque
    Guadoloupe Ile De Mes Amours
  • Matsataka Matsutoya
    Coconuts Island
  • Roberta Flack (Bob Liftin, Gene Paul mix) 
  • Neu
  • Ruf Dug (2814 mix) 
    Tendacayou [Remix By 2814]
  • Vangelis 
    Wait For Me
  • Remember 
    私を愛して Love Me
  • Vaperror 
  • Khotin 
    Hello World
  • Chaos In The CBD 
    Midnight In Peckham
  • Christian Pommer
    Sueno Latino
  • New Age Orchestra
    Let's Dream Together
  • Tension 
    Your Sunshine
  • Ocean Inside
    Untitled (Ruffy In The Jungle Version)
  • Beat Detetcives
  • Gaby Hernandez 
    There Can't Be More Than This
  • Hiroshi Miyauchi, Richard Jacques 
    Passing Breeze (Original)