Ruf Dug

London, 03.05.19

With RuF Dug

Ruf Dug brings the leftfield: old video game soundtracks, dusty analogue dreamers and poolside Balearic sounds. No nonsense from the original tropical cyberpunk.


  • Jay U Xperience
    Back To Motherland
  • Jay U Xperience
    Ancestral Call
  • Ciao
    Trance Breaks (Dub Mix)
  • The Beauty & The Beat
  • HIroshi Sato
    X's And O's
  • Imperio Fawcett
    Imperio De Sentidos
  • Montel Palmer
    ¡Aye Papi!
  • Karen Marks
    Cold Café (Demo)
  • Yasauki Shimizu
    Find No Words To Say
  • Tropical 808
  • Saffrice
    Dreaming Of Your Love
  • Ruf Dug feat. Nadina Mustafa, Sienna Mustafa
    Fell From Stars
  • FR' Mystery ( Booyaka Boys mix )
    Change (Booyaka Mix)
  • Bô'vel
    Check 4 U
  • Ruf Dug And The Committee
    All U Got 2 Do
  • Nice 'n' Easy
    Better Love (Radio Mix)
  • Jenny B
    Sexy Eyes (Dub)
  • Ruf Dug feat. Natalie Wildgoose
  • Mary Pearce
    Love Away
  • Btflower BB
  • Trilogy Of Five
    System On
  • Sunlight Orchestra
    Love Abuse
  • Il Bosco
    Play That Song (Il Bosco and The Bat Edit)
  • Lowell ( RüF Dug mix )
    No Matter (Ruf Dug remix)
  • Furniture
    I Can't Crack (Broken Mix)
  • Joy Orbison
    Hyph Mngo

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