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Sacred Pools w/ TOSHIKI OHTA

London, 17.11.22

With October

Toshiki Ohta is now a co-host on NTS’s Sacred Pools show alongside DJ October and Faso. Toshiki is known for mixing between textures, genres, tempos and styles, underground and overground, with a love for pitched down jungle, pitched up breakbeat rave, EBM, dark balearic and acid rollers.


  • Otik
    Crystal Clear
  • DJ Pitch
  • ??
    Second-Hand Nostalgia
  • Special Interest (Alchemical Sisters mix) 
    Disco III (Alchemical Sisters 4 Day Trip Mix)
  • Echobot
    We The People
  • RONI
  • Soso Tharpa
    10 To 1
  • Doctor Jeep
    Stomp 104 (2021)
  • La Funk Mob + Richy Hawtin
    Motor Bass Gets Phunked Up
  • Pye Corner Audio (John Talabot mix) 
    Resist (John Talabot Remix)
  • Daniel Avery 
    Ultra Truth
  • ??
    The Devil Is Blue
  • Mother Of Pearls
    Peace On Halcyon (Drum Break)
  • Ruthlss / Fugazi
    I'm So Tired
  • Scarecrow
  • Rhyw 
    Honey Badger
  • Upsammy 
  • Doctor Jeep
    No Water (Ft. Cirrus)
  • PowerPlay
    Mood 2 Duke
  • Mathis Ruffing 
  • Kiss Nuka
    Speaking In Tongues
  • Itoa Ft. なかむらみなみ
    Oh No(Extended Mix)
  • Simplicity Is Beauty (Dave Clarke, Mr. Jones mix) 
    I Am Colossus (Dave Clarke & Mr. Jones' Unsubscribe Mix)
  • Maddy Soma
  • Special Request 
    Ride V.I.P.
  • Distance Dancer 
    Brain Dance
  • Moodii
    Here 4
  • Paranoid London 
    The State Of That
  • Stone Lions 
    Snow Over Arizona
  • ??
  • ??
  • Daniel Avery + James Massiah
    Heavy Rain