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Samuel Kerridge in conversation with Autumns

Manchester, 16.10.21

With Samuel Kerridge

The Contort champion takes a bludgeon to the NTS Manchester once a month with an hour offering of wonky electronics and avant-garde sound.


  • 20kPa 
  • Cut Hands 
    Eat Them Like Bread
  • Youngstar
    Hindzy D
  • Autumns
    Be Desire
  • Autumns 
    Derry Soundwave
  • Autumns
    Cheap Subject Matter
  • Autumns 
    Cheek Of The Boy
  • Autumns
    In The Stockroom
  • Autumns
    Annoying Fucker
  • Autumns 
    Fresh Spit
  • Autumns 
    How To Apply For A Job
  • Autumns 
    Spirit Details