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Screwboss Radio

Los Angeles, 15.04.20

Screwboss MFK Marcy Mane heads up a 2 hour round-up of the latest in underground hip hop, screwed down classics and cuts from his extensive catalog.


  • Lil B 
    All Alone
  • Dr. Camel
    What Cigarette Do You Smoke Doctor
  • Dr. Camel
    I Could Kick The Fuckin Door
  • Cartier God
  • Vamp Money
  • Lufassa
  • Hic
    Lsd On My Tongue
  • Toro Y Moi 
    You Hid
  • Lil Boba
    She Eat Hot Chip & Lie
  • Lufassa
    Nine Eleven
  • Rcb
    Paul Walker
  • Duwap Kaine
    Geeked Out My Body
  • ThouxanBanFauni 
    Anything But My Ex
  • Cartier God Ft Diamonds On My Dick And Hi-C
    In Da Underworld Playing Sanandres
  • Lil B 
    Breath Slow
  • Marcy Mane Ft Ryan Hawaii
    Double Decker
  • Marcy Mane Ft Ryan Hawaii
    Quarantine With You
  • Posh God Lil DMT & Marcy Mane
    That Pussy Was Loud Pack
  • Posh God
    Ice Cold Planet
  • Marcy Mane
    In The Club With The Drank
  • SpaceGhostPurrp 
    Strip Club Still Stickin
  • Marcy Mane Ft Wifigawd
    See Through
  • Marcy Mane
    Mirror Mirror
  • Marcy Mane
  • Marcy Mane
    Getting In The Way Of The Bounce
  • Marcy Mane
    Twerk Like A Draco
  • Marcy Mane
  • Marcy Mane
    Taquila Bitch
  • OutKast 
    You May Die (Intro)
  • Cartier God
  • Hi-C 
    I Dunnoh Y
  • Jame Ferraro
    Ten Songs For Humanity
  • Marcy Mane
  • Lufassa
    How I Be
  • Nelly Ocho
  • Marcy Mane
    On My Boo
  • Cartier God
  • Hi-C
  • Cartier God
    Titty Twister
  • Diamondsonmydick & Cartier God
    All These Bitches Dead
  • Phil Collins 
    One More Night
  • Marcy Mane Ft Kunch Sosa
    Turn Up Y
  • Ruben Steel Ft PietjeFromHell
    Red Wine
  • Marcy Mane
  • Lufassa
    Ay Ay Ay AY AY
  • Washed Out 
    A Dedication